About the Program

In listening to our members, one of the common concerns we hear is the rising cost of health care due to Affordable Care Act regulations. Because of this, we at the Ohio Chamber sought ways to bring down these costs. Research shows the most effective way to lower costs is through self-insurance.

Once predominantly used by larger firms, companies of all sizes are moving to self-insurance. In fact, self-insurance usage has increased an average of 14% across all company sizes over the last 15 years.

Self-insurance is a way of covering your employees’ health care while avoiding costly ACA fees. In addition, you could receive unused premiums at the end of the year all while fully protecting your employees and your company with stop-loss coverage. This is truly a no-risk proposition.

Working with BE Solutions, a premier provider of health plan solutions with over 25 years of experience, we have a compiled a variety of self-insurance options that will be tailored to your company and potentially save you money.

We at the Ohio Chamber are confident we can help your business decrease healthcare costs while keeping your employees happy with your choice of healthcare coverage.

For more info contact Laz Picciano.